Cockburn Pollution Stoppers

Working to create a healthier future for our children

Who are we?

We are the Cockburn Pollution Stoppers.

We are an ordinary group of residents from the City of Cockburn in Perth, Western Australia. We live in a well resourced community which is a great place to raise families, participate in social, sporting and other recreational activities and to enjoy a quiet, safe and relaxing retirement.

What are we trying to do?

Stop Cockburn Cement Limited (CCL) emitting toxic pollution in the City of Cockburn.  We want CCL to reduce its toxic pollution levels by burning natural gas and not coal so the air our children breathe has far less toxic gases and particulates in it.  We also want CCL to install the latest pollution reduction technology (e.g. the DeCONOx system) to eliminate remaining toxic gases.

CCL is an old coal burning cement factory located in Russell Road, Munster and is now one of the largest quicklime producers in the world (1 million tonnes each year).  It operates 2 lime kilns, nos 5 and 6, which can use both natural gas and coal but CCL uses cheaper and dirtier coal.  It also has a concrete batching plant on its site where imported Portland cement ‘clinker’ is ground, screened and mixed creating fine wind blown dust. CCL stated in 2020 that it is closing kiln no. 5 and moving its concrete batching activities to its Kwinana plant.
While the factory and its kiln tower are “visual pollution” in a residential area but are tolerable, the fact that the factory emits toxic pollution over nearby residents is intolerable.

Did you know?

There are many different toxins that have been found in the emissions from CCL.

Find out more about the toxins

What is happening now?

If you are a resident of the City of Cockburn you can help stop CCL polluting our city.

Report pollution, dust and odours

CCL’s owner (Adbri Ltd) stated on 19 May 2020 that it would phase out using coal by early 2021 – a broken promise

Click here for THE FULL STORY about how and why our community still has a heavy industry polluter and what still needs to be done to stop its toxic air pollution. If you are looking for particular information click HERE to start.

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