When you make a donation to our group you will be given a unique donor number so you can check your donation was received and how donations are being spent, while maintaining your privacy. Your receipt will also contain a password which will allow you to access a copy of our accounts on this website so you can see every item of expense incurred.

All donations received are used to pay out of pocket expenses like printing, postage, Facebook page and website promotion fees charged by Facebook and fees for Freedom of Information applications and the like. ​

Please be aware that:

Donations are not tax deductible. We only accept donations from individuals and not corporations. ​

To donate now:

  1. ​ Send us an email with your first name and surname saying how much you want to donate and when you will make the donation. Our email address is: ​
  2. Transfer the donation to our bank account :
    • Bankwest
    • BSB number 306-044
    • Account number: 0506268
    • The payment description is “CPS donation”. ​
  3. When the donation is received and cleared we will email you a receipt with your donor number and password.

If you have made a donation, you may access our Statement of Receipts and Payments here:

Receipts and Payments