Medical Kit

Explanation of “Medical Kit”

The “kit” contains information which should assist your doctor in forming an opinion as to whether or not exposure to toxic pollution is, or could have been, a potential cause of medical symptoms suffered by you or one of your family members.

The idea is that you print the Letter to your Doctor, sign it and arrange an appointment with your GP, either for yourself or your family member who is suffering breathing, neurological, skin or eye problems. The Letter also contains a link to this page so your GP can access the documents listed below:

  1. Letter to your doctor
  2. The following pages from the Department of Environmental Regulation Decision Report (December 2016) which sets out the toxic substances produced at the cement factory and their potential health effects – 19, 44-45, 48, 51-56 (after 32 page Licence conditions)
  3. Letter from the Minister of Health advising residents who may be experiencing symptoms to visit their GP
  4. A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Quicklime, made by CCL
  5. An MSDS for Portland cement, made by CCL
  6.   The results of laboratory tests carried out on “dust” on:   

1 February 2016       3 July 2017

22 January 2018    10 April 2018 (coal dust)

10 April 2018 (lime kiln dust and Portland Cement ‘clinker’ dust)

7. Potential symptoms of exposure to the toxic gases and particulates

This material should help your doctor come to a correct diagnosis of possible air pollution related symptoms which you or your family member may experience living near the cement factory.  Unless your GP can definitely identify the cause of your symptoms you should obtain a referral to a respiratory or general physician.  If you email us we will give you contact details of either an adult or a paediatric respiratory specialist who has been briefed on the pollution issue and who will bill Medicare for the consultation.  Our email address is: